A Letter to a Busy Bee

Hey Busy Bee, was thinking about you and just wanted to encourage you.

You asked Him for greater job opportunities, now you’re so busy you see your office more than your own home. You now have to work into the late nights and even on Sundays. It seems like this answered prayer is more curse than blessing but know that our God would not give a snake when His children ask Him for bread.

Right now you don’t want to pray big prayers anymore because you’re scared if you ask God for more, then more difficulties would come.

Don’t let this mentality limit what you ask God for. You will not find anywhere in the Bible God telling us to be careful what we ask Him. Or to be cautious in how big to dream. Or to only pray within what we think is our human capacity. On the contrary! He challenges us to push the limits! To ask, knock and seek. Pray to be in line with His will. There is no boundary to how big you can pray because God is a God of the impossible. One time Jesus said regarding prayer that we could speak to mountains and they would be moved!

Just because an answered prayer is tough doesn’t mean it’s not what God has in plan. When you pray to have a kid, and God answers that, the kid comes but will it be easy? Ask any mom, she will tell you ‘lols’ but does that mean the child wasn’t a blessing from God? No way. Some parents will tell you children are like a curse especially from the time they start talking till they leave for college. But God calls what is ‘difficult’ a blessing because of the fruit it bears, not the seasons it has to go through. God has and always will have your best interest in store for you. We also have a lot to learn in terms of stewarding our answered prayers well. Our decisions in these seasons matter and the learning curve is steep.

I know right now your work life balance is not evident, but this is the time to press in with the impossible prayers, not to shy away from them. Be bold in asking God for the wisdom to work smart and trust that when you acknowledge Him daily, He will make your path straight.

You are in a place in your career you can bow to the pattern of this world or bow in trust to God 🙂 But be fully convinced God takes delight in the details of your life and when you pray, He listens and acts for your good future.


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