Align 2019

I chose to do this #paintbynumbers painting because flamingoes remind me of balance even though they look naturally like the kind of animal to tip over very quickly given their skinny legs and fluffy tops 🤚 #noshame

It gives me the feeling that even in chaos, I can still find my centre as long as it is built upon the rock that will not be shaken, Jesus Christ.

My 2019 theme is Align;

To be aligned to His will and purpose and to be sensitive to where He is leading me. That my decisions would drip with His direction and every mystery be surrendered to His light.

Oh, that I would be fully convinced He will do everything He said He would do.


Anywhoo, as is tradition… on to this year’s resolutions!!

2019 Resolutions:


  1. Reach 300 subscribers on Youtube. Currently at 217.
  2. Try to plant something that will actually bear fruit I can eat

2018 Reso’s brought forward to 2019

  1. Finish my novel

2019 Reso’s

  1. Get more overseas business
  2. Try out podcasting
  3. Pitch a TV series idea
  4. Write a song

I’m not stressing out about the resolutions but I have reduced the number so I can focus on what’s important. Like my business. And my core.

To the 2019!

Also: Here’s a timelapse of the DIY paint by numbers of the magnificent flamingo

Thinking of: Story of Yanxi Palace and Bethel’s I Raise A Hallelujah

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