Mic Drop

Can you stand?

Often the moments we experience move in waves. Ups, downs, storms, deserts, valleys, mountains; we know and can picture this. What we don’t know is the timing of each rise and fall. So it messes us up the second we think we have it all figured out -WHAM! Bam. Kabloom. Rug. Under us. Pulled out. We fall and then pain.

Sometimes God removes us from the painful situation, sometimes He removes the painful situation altogether. From my limited time on Earth He seems more keen on keeping me in that which breaks my heart at the same time strengthening my feet to keep going. Most of the time, He seems quite content to change what is in me; what is internal rather than what is external.

That is because God’s goal is never going to be your comfort. He’s more interested in your transformation than your preservation. That means His will serves a higher purpose.

While all that is dandy, don’t we just expect more from God? Don’t we expect Him to step in? Save the day? I mean, His name means Messiah. Saviour. Protector.

As the pain throbs, the embers of our faith ebb, and we wonder, “Where are you, God, when it hurts?”

It doesn’t help that on one end, we struggle to keep the flame of faith from burning out by drawing on His word, and on the other end the enemy is whispering every insecurity to knock us out. They stand on each side, one reminding of His goodness, the other of our failures.

They both speak. And it is up to us to choose the voice to listen to. We hold the mic and we get to point to the voice we want amplified.

The challenge is to consistently respond in obedience. Obey. Even when it doesn’t make sense.

Resolve to trust in the only One who will not disappoint.

Perhaps faith is more than expecting God to show up a certain way, but that even if He doesn’t, that doesn’t change my trust in His character and wisdom. Even if He doesn’t save me, I still keep obeying. I still keep my faith and my faith is enough. To overcome, to lay hold, to possess and to influence.

At the end of the day, can you still stand?


For I know the One in whom I trust. You will keep me in perfect peace, mine whose thoughts are fixed on You.

Inspired by Pastor Clarance Shashi

Thinking of: Hillsong’s Another in the Fire, Infinity Wars and Bishop TD Jakes’ Crushing.


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