Be(e) Movie

I just finished planning my to-do list for the week and .IT.IS.PACKED. So much so I’m just wondering how much margin am I leaving for what’s really important. Because busy isn’t necessarily productive and productive isn’t necessarily effective. At the same time I have spent my fair share in the last few months really having me-time to get back on track for what I want to achieve this year.

In a world where ‘BUSY’ headlines our day and self-care addicts are flying to the mountains in droves, isn’t it imperative we find out what is really worth being concerned about?

The story of Mary & Martha is a tale of two sisters entertaining a very important house guest. One sister is running around getting ish done for said guest while the other sister is just sitting at his feet learning from him.

Both these attitudes are important for sure; without the busy bee, there would be no lunch, on the other hand without the UwU audience, our important guest would probably be eating alone and the residents of the house would miss out on an important opportunity of spending valuable time with their teacher.

How easy is it we get so caught up in doing and lose sight of our priorities, or are so preoccupied with our own needs we forsake meeting others.

Are we not all at some point or another trying to balance between to bee or to be? Between external expression and internal rest?

I guess then our fulcrum should be our focus. Why we do what we do and with whom we do it with.

What then keeps us grounded if not our relationship with the Father who calls us to journey with Him as He fully equips us for every good work?

“There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Inspired by Jeanli

Thinking of: Fuller House, “Samuel, Samuel” and 5 more months!

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