Bridges & Boats

I was told a long time ago there was a study done about 3 kinds of people; people who live for the moment, people who live for the future and people who live in the past. The study showed that majority of people who believed in some form of higher being or eternity would tend to plan in advance and live for the future because they were looking forward to tomorrow.

I myself grew up in the radical rally generation where every message in my teens revolved around this big “great thing” I would do tomorrow/in my future. I was constantly bombarded by parents, teachers, pastors and motivational speakers that I had this massive potential of greatness I could achieve. Tomorrow.

So imagine my discouragement 3 months working in the real world in 2011. It was a desk job; answering potential client calls, picking up my boss’s laundry, paying his telephone bills, making bad coffee. I mean, was this it? My big potential? Surely, I was meant for more. Maybe tomorrow.

Fast forward to 2019. Much a growing up later,  I still do the small things, albeit slightly inconsistently. I still answer client calls, pay bills, etc. These are the things hidden from the limelight and instagram highlights but they are necessary in cultivalting a life that makes space for the potential to grow.

It’s the small, seemingly insignificant things I choose to do today that makes the potential of what tomorrow could be. What I do today; that ONE thing. That one person, one idea, one project, one day at a time.

A boat that runs on the river leaves a ripple effect in its wake but 5 minutes after it has gone the stillness of the water betrays the boat ever crossed its path. A bridge, though it takes years of planning, preparation, construction and time, shuttles millions of lives across its deck but it first has to be built, one foundation at a time.

There is a path in our journey that leaves the kind of legacy only our Maker can mastermind.

Should I then choose TODAY to be nurtured on the foundation of Christ, since obeying Him today thus opens that one door He framed for me?

Lord, what would You have me do today,

so I would never be in a state

of wasting away,

Should I ever, ever go far or astray,

Your hand would lead mine, Lord, always, only, in the right way.

Inspired by Rev TT Quah

Thinking of: Here in the middle is the place You promise to be




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