God of Saturdays

Dear Hubby-to-be,

I thought about writing you a letter today to encourage you in case you’re struggling waiting for our marriage, like me.

Jesus reminded me about Saturday. When the waiting gets tough think about the days between the crucifixion and the resurrection. Many times we focus on the Friday – the death of a dream, the sacrifice of what was hoped for, the laying down, the beating up, etc. OR we focus on Sunday; the miraculous resurrection of that dream, the visible expression of the answered prayer and the shout of triumph!

But Saturday is important too.

To view life through the lens of resurrection means we can’t gloss over the quietness and the mourning that takes place on Saturday. It’s the day nothing seems to be happening. It’s the day to take a first step either towards disappointment, acceptance or expectation. It’s also kinda the day you may notice people around you who haven’t had to go through your pain. And maybe you want to question, ‘Why me?’

Hubs, the wait is not just for today, it’s for every kind of tomorrow that’s coming.

But more importantly, to recognise that while on the surface, it’s quiet, but under ground Jesus is turning hell over, breaking the shackles of what is bound and making way for true and lasting freedom for all.

Sometimes it feels hopeless after a burial, but the truth is even in death, Jesus uses the quietness of Saturday to make a way for a far greater love to be expressed and experienced. So waiting may feel like waning excitement, but the way Jesus works, the aftermath will leave you passionately driven for whatever’s next.

So, my love, when we’re in a Saturday, let’s have hope in the ostensible quietness because it’s the day Jesus is turning hell over for us so we can experience unrestrained freedom hereafter.

‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

Love you. See you soon. Going to eat sushi today.


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