Sumi. su·mi (IPA: ˈ[so͞omē/])

I was born on 29 August 1988, and my parents told me when I was 2, I ate a pair of my own gold earrings. I do think it’s because I’m Malaysian and we have an insatiable appetite for quality food. #priorities

As an adult, I’d like to think I have successfully conquered my own personality, it’s my character I’m still having trouble with. Yet Christ is in me, I am enough. He is my muse, my source and my reward.

I do believe every single moment can be used to bring joy to someone else. Although I’m sure that applies to every married couple as well.

My storytelling started simply to help my cousins sleep, imagine my surprise when they stayed awake, riveted.

Out of all the avenues available to me for entertainment, there’s something about writing that is both promising and cataclysmic to the soul. If writing is the imagination’s escape, reading is the borders by which we must cross over and creativity is the getaway car.


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