Managing Clouds and Cupcakes

You never know what's going to upset a cloud. They're very sensitive. Winnie the Pooh. Cloud Cloud Go Away. There's this episode in Winnie the Pooh where Tigger upsets a cloud. The cloud kept following him for a good 8 minutes. Every time he said something mean about the cloud, it would first start drizzling [...]

The Vow. Day 6.

Must... talk... to... someone... Social skills... Slowly... Retarding.... Losing... ability... to... communicate... effectively...   Side Note: CHCKL's CHROME HEART: REVELATION was fantastic. Seriously, like people-flying-across-the-auditorium-creepy-man-spiders fantastic. Thinking of: The Road to El Dorado, Brandon Heath's Your Love, going to Atlantica and EASTER TOMORROW!!!!

They say that a Hero will save us.

Okay I was supposed to write up this post earlier during the week in honour of Children's Day and Children's Rights Week but I procrastinated. We're supposed to reminisce about our childhood cartoon heroes as a form of demonstration that we care about the little ones. Anywhoo, while planning this post, I started thinking of [...]