Tacking Up.

Have you ever gone to the kitchen to get something but the moment you reach there, you completely forget why you're there in the first place so you end up washing your hands in confusion and going back to your room wishing you knew what you went to the kitchen for? The fastest route between [...]

The Vow. Day 6.

Must... talk... to... someone... Social skills... Slowly... Retarding.... Losing... ability... to... communicate... effectively...   Side Note: CHCKL's CHROME HEART: REVELATION was fantastic. Seriously, like people-flying-across-the-auditorium-creepy-man-spiders fantastic. Thinking of: The Road to El Dorado, Brandon Heath's Your Love, going to Atlantica and EASTER TOMORROW!!!!

I Have This Sinking Feeling.

It’s very important to understand that in any rescue operation, the rescuer gets to determine means and method of the rescue. You don’t get to determine how you are saved. It’s not up to you; it’s up to your Savior. Jesus doesn’t say he’s a good way, or a nice way, or even the best [...]